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Nobody really knows what Piqué is. Some say they were created in a lab by scientists; others insist

they’re a product of alchemy, smooth saxophone and screeching guitars spun into gold. Either way,

one thing is certain: they exist in a vacuum, not beholden to the laws of space and time, outside

genre conventions, destroying preconceived notions of what four 18-year-old boys can achieve.

A humble Melbourne shed is the incubator in which Piqué were formed, the crystal beaker that they

were poured out of. Micah Poulton-King is the driving force behind the band, a celestial cloud

rapidly expanding, absorbing microcosms of influence and creating new entities from the dust. From

the base materials of punk’s raw aggression and jazz’s fluid improvisation, Micah concocts an end

result that sounds seamless; despite the opposed nature of the two genres, it just makes sense. An

integral part of this is Piqué’s focus on collaboration. Micah surrounds himself with collaborators,

namely Hugh Heller, Mick Power and Sam “Macca” McKenzie, each leaving their distinct mark on

the band’s music.

Lead single Kitty, like the animal it’s named after, is equal parts docile and ferocious; as the

saxophone softly wraps around you, the hooks begin to dig in like claws, not letting you go until the

final seconds. The efficiently powerful drumming forms the bones of the track, mapping the way for

the rest of the band as they pilfer the best bits of jazz, punk and reggae like wayward teens sliding

through supermarket aisles, gleefully grabbing whatever takes their fancy.

On Duppy, cook up a bossa nova broth and season with introspection. Lie back on your banana

lounge and sip your banana smoothie while you wave to the Fishys, and dance a polka with your

alter-ego to Gypsy.

Maybe the concept of Piqué still eludes you, and maybe that’s okay; maybe there’s a bit of Piqué in

us all.


released October 30, 2015

Micah Poulton-King - Guitar and Vox
Hugh Heller – Bass
Mick Power – Guitar
Sam McKenzie – Drum
Brennan Hamilton-Smith - Saxophone and Clarinet



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